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"The hours after school are critical to a child’s healthy growth and development. Research indicates that providing young people with access to structured, enriching recreational and social programs outside of school greatly benefits their peer relationships, emotional health and academic performance. If that after school time is unsupervised, however, it can be a dangerous, unhealthy time."BGCC

A strong community requires the support of many to make positive changes.  At the Club volunteers, partners, donors and the staff team help enable young persons to play, learn and develop valuable skills for life.  You can make a difference in the life of a child, youth or family! Check out the Clubs volunteer opportunities, alumni page and/ or find out how to make a contribution to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes Foundation

A critical role in the community

Every program is affordable and open to all children, youth and their families, and financial support is available if needed. Clubs across Canada recognize the best potential in every child. "In more than 650 locations nationwide, Boys and Girls Clubs are a safe, supportive place for kids outside of school. We help families to meet all of the physical, social and emotional needs of their children, providing:

  • Healthy physical activities;
  • Healthy meals and snacks;
  • Academic support;
  • Skills and character development;
  • Chance to build positive relationships with peers and mentors.

PreschoolThe need for support is urgent as more children, youth and families are counting on Boys and Girls Clubs daily for support". BGCC

Your volunteer support or donation will allow us to reach the children, youth and families who need support the most.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’.

Thank you - By Nicholas V
Thanks for making the Club so cool.
It’s a hundred times better than school.
I can paint, surf the net, and make airplanes or
I can go to the gym and play lots of games.
The Club has so much from Nintendo to baseballs,
there’s even a place for climbing walls!
If it wasn’t for the Club, I’d have no place to go.
There’s my friends, and staff and the volunteers too.
I like that the Club has so many people I know.
If it wasn’t for you, what would we do?
We’d have no gym, no hub, no craft-room too.
And we’d miss the ballpit, even if sometimes it’s a zoo.
For caring and making the Club cool.

Thanks, you rule!

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