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Infant and Child Development is a Ministry of Children and Youth Services funded program offered by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes. This program is both voluntary and confidential, and is provided at no cost.

Infant and Child Development Brochure


Infant and Child Development is a family centered program that provides support for infants and children from birth to six years and their families. The Infant and Child Development Program is available to all families living in the City of Kawartha Lakes. Any parent, caregiver, doctor, public health nurse, community agency or concerned individual can make a referral with proper consent.

Purpose: Home-based Program

  • To support infants and young children in reaching their own optimal level of development as well as supporting parents and caregivers to recognize, understand and adjust to their child’s needs.
  • To provide support for the family unit in developing their own abilities to plan, problem solve and advocate for their child.
  • To encourage the development of physical, gross and fine motor, cognitive, social, language and self help skills.
  • To promote healthy child and family development.
  • Liaison with additional community resources.


To make a referral to the Infant and Child Development Program, simply call, email, fax, or send a written referral to the contact information listed below.

Contact Info:

Infant & Child Development Program
Boys & Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes
107 Lindsay Street South
Lindsay, Ontario
K9V 2M5
Phone 705-324-4493, ext 212, ext 213
Fax 705-878-8605

What's Next?

An Infant and Child Development consultant will contact you and arrange a home visit to meet you. A simple discussion about your child’s development will help you to identify early goals. Home visits are play-based, as that is how children learn best. Parents and caregivers are active participants in the planning and visits. The focus is on maturing of motor, language, social, problem solving and self-help skills. Children may be followed by Infant and Child Development up until their 6th birthday. At that time, a discussion around the need for ongoing supports will take place.

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