COVID-19 Update

Updated : June 19th, 2020

Safety Protocols

Our first priority is to deliver high-quality programming while keeping all children and staff safe. With that in mind, the Club has adopted rules to meet government guidelines and protocols. Over the next few weeks, we will provide more details for you. In the meantime, here are a few of the important components:

• Groups- program participants and staff will be placed in groups of 10 or less;
• COVID-19 response plan to be implemented if a participant, parent/ guardian or staff are exposed to COVID-19;
• Screening- all staff and program participants will be screened before entry. Anyone feeling unwell must stay home;
• Daily attendance records are always part of the program and will be revised to support contact tracing by the Health Unit if needed;
• Cleaning- our facility has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected; cleaning protocols will meet or exceed provincial standards;
• Drop-off and pick-up of program participants will be designed to facilitate physical distancing.

In addition, the rules below have been established:
• Outdoor programming will be encouraged as much as possible;
• Groups will have specific room and equipment assignments with no crossover;
• Supplies and equipment that cannot be easily disinfected will be removed;
• Program participants will be encouraged to maintain social distance;
• Hand hygiene will be encouraged and additional hand washing stations provided;
• Supervisors will be in place to monitor social distancing, safety, quality of programming, hand hygiene, support staff and other related needs;

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How can you ensure my child’s safety while attending programs?
This is a vital question and one the Club takes very seriously. The Club will only begin offering in-person programming when we have received Public Health approvals to do so. That approval will only be received when we have been able to prove that all aspects of operations, including cleaning and maintenance, screening of individuals, programming policies and drop off and pick up meet or exceed health and safety requirements.

What will happen if a child attends and is showing flu-like symptoms?

Based on Public Health guidelines, our staff will be monitoring children throughout program hours for any change in wellness. If a staff or child shows any of the following symptoms, they will be sent home immediately: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, muscle aches, chills, headache, sore throat, runny nose, loss of taste/smell, vomiting, diarrhea, pink eye.

If a child becomes sick while in program, they will be isolated in a designated room where they are monitored from a physical distance of 2 metres. Caregivers will be called to pick up the child and the Health Unit will be notified. All items that they touched will be cleaned and disinfected.

If a child has been excluded from program due to an observed symptom of ill health while in attendance at the program, the child will be excluded from program until otherwise directed by the public health.
Other children, including siblings of the sick child and childcare staff in the program who were present while the child or staff became ill will be identified as a close contact and further grouped together until they can be picked up by the parents/guardians to self-isolate at home.
Staff and Supervisors will continue to follow and seek advice from local public health on any further steps up to and including temporary closure of the centre and possible additional quarantines.
If a child is sent home due to COVID there would be no refund for that week. However, any additional weeks would be refunded in full (with no administration fee) for days not used if sent home due to COVID-19 symptoms.

Will staff be wearing masks?
Staff will be mandated to wear a mask when they are implementing screening procedures, when leading a camp or childcare group, when caring for a sick child, or whenever social distancing of 2 metres cannot be maintained.

Will children need to wear masks?
Face coverings (non-medical masks) will be used if physical distancing of at least 2-metres cannot be maintained. Consideration will be given to participants when face coverings are not tolerated due to by underlying health, behaviour issues or beliefs. Masks will be provided by the Club but families may choose to send a mask with their child. Families can also choose whether their child keeps the same mask all week and launders the mask at home each night, or if their child receives a freshly laundered each morning when they arrive at the Club.

How many children will you be able to accommodate in your programs?
According to government guidelines, children and staff will be placed in groups of 10 or less day over day. This means that camp groups will include 9 children and one leader. There will not be the ability to accommodate additional participants including volunteers. We are hoping to form 4 camp groups.
Licensed childcare will also be limited to 10 in each room, including staff. The Club will be opening the Kids in Motion Child Care in before our location at Dr. George Hall.

How will the Club decide who receives spots where there is greater demand?
Summer camp registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
Childcare families are being surveyed to determine their needs. To align with government guidelines at this time we will have limited number of childcare spaces available.

My child requires Enhanced staff support. Why will you not allow my child to register for camp?
Provincial government regulations for summer camps and licensed childcare limit the size of each group to 10 including staff. In an effort, to provide an opportunity for as many children to participate in camp, as possible, we have decided to compose each camp group of 9 children and one leader. This is certainly not the situation we prefer, and we will continue to watch for changes in provincial guidelines. Families that need enhanced supports will be contacted.

Will subsidies be available?
We are still waiting for a confirmation of the family fee subsidy program through the City of Kawartha Lakes. As soon as more information is available, we will share it with you. Applications for Club subsidies will be accepted according to the normal process.
How will you ensure that food preparation is safe?
Kitchen staff will be the only employees permitted into the kitchen during program hours, unless in the case of an emergency. Kitchen staff will follow regular public health and food handling policies and procedures as well as increasing the sanitizing of kitchen materials, surfaces, carts, etc. Kitchen staff will prepare all meals and snacks; they will deliver to the rooms and leave the carts outside of rooms.

What will you be doing to ensure the facility is clean and disinfected?
All supplies and equipment that cannot be adequately disinfected, such as pillows and stuffed animals, have been removed from program area. All high touch areas, such as door knobs and light switches will be cleaned and disinfected at a minimum, twice daily and as often as necessary (e.g. when visibly dirty, or contaminated with body fluids). All low touch areas, such as walls and floors must be cleaned and disinfected at a minimum, once daily and as often as necessary (e.g. when visibly dirty, or contaminated with body fluids). Cleaning staff will wear appropriate PPE and use approved products. Cleaning and disinfecting logs will be maintained in all areas.

When will you open the Splash Pad?
Unfortunately, due to Public Health guidelines, including capacity limits, the Club will not be able to open the Splash Pad for public use at this time. The Splash Pad will operate only for Club summer camps and licensed childcare so that we can meet provincial guidelines on group sizes of 10 and cleaning and disinfecting standards.

Can people use the playground, basketball courts and other outdoor facilities?
During Club hours from 6:30 am to 5 pm, (Licensed Child Care will operate until 6:00 pm) all outdoor facilities will be closed to the public. In addition, the large playground structure on our property will not be open as it is not possible for the Club to monitor use and meet Public Health guidelines. After hours, if the public is accessing the basketball courts, they should follow Public Health guidelines regarding physical distancing, and City of Kawartha Lakes noise regulations.

When will you offer outdoor soccer?
Unfortunately, this year we will not be offering the outdoor soccer program but look forward to seeing everyone during our 2021 season.
What about Peterborough summer camp?
As the Club does not own a facility in Peterborough, we are not able to confirm our camp offering at this time. We are working with our partners in Peterborough to determine whether we can safely offer a program.
Can you tell me about the virtual summer camp offering?
We are developing a virtual summer camp with the support of Jays Care Foundation. As soon as we are able to release the details, we will share them to families registered at the club by email, and also on our social media accounts.

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