Brain Gain n' Swim

Summer Brain GainEvery day campers will take part in activities designed to strengthen their math, reading, and writing skills, along with problem solving and language acquisition.  Instructors deliver academic and physical activities in a fun and interactive camp setting.  These experiences include field trips, guest artists, and sports and recreation activities.  


This program was developed to help bridge the gap and avoid summer learning loss.  What is summer learning loss?

  • Summer learning loss refers to the academic skills and knowledge children lose over summer vacation.
  • It is generally accepted that students lose, on average, about one month of learning skills and knowledge each summer. 
  • This is particularly noticeable in the 'cumulative' subjects like math and reading where children progress slowly at first and need a solid foundation before they can begin to accelerate their learning. 
  • While some children do have opportunities to read and get support with their reading through the summer months, most children don't receive support to keep math concepts fresh during the summer. 

What is the BGCC Summer Brian Gain Program?

  • Summer Brain Gain is designed to keep children engaged in learning
  • The proram provides a more structured approach to summer camp, with specific learning opportunities built into fun camp programming. 
  • Each week has literay and numeracy skills embedded into activities around a central theme. 
  • The program is not intended to help kids overcome specific learning difficulties or to measure their abilities to grade level requirements.   

What to expect from each Summer Brain Gain week-long program:

  • A variety of ways to learn including large group/team building activities, small group activities and individual activities with coaching/peer support
  • Dailing reading/writting with support where appropriate
  • Group projects developed by kids over the course of the week and presented on Friday.
  • Fun outings related to the theme to help kids connect concepts to the real world. 
  • Daily discussions to expand kids' vocabulary and understanding related to the theme.
  • Survey work to learn more about the subject by using math to tally and share results. 

For more information about the impact of Summer learning loss click here.  

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July 27-31 2020

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