Building Bridges

Building Bridges for Youth 

As we all know, the recent economic downturn has been difficult for many people. This is especially true here at the Boys and Girls Club. In many cases, our parents are struggling to make ends meet. These families depend strongly on the Club to provide subsidized programs for their children. The sad truth is that parents would have to choose between activities for their children and expenses like food, rent and other living costs if we couldn’t offer these subsidies. Children need the after school, summer camp, sports, youth support and other Club programs even more in stressful times. The long term problems are significant should they be forced to stop attending because of finances.

Our Foundation has designed the Building Bridges Program to ensure that we have the necessary resources to respond to this increased need over the next three years. We are appealing to our lead donors and key business partners to assist our families through the difficult times ahead. These supporters are people who are closely aligned with the Foundation and see that Club programs change children’s lives in many positive ways. We are asking for three year pledges from these community leaders so that we can respond to the increased need. These gifts will ensure that children can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life. Please contact us to  become a "Bridge Builder" for local children.

Please contact our team about our new Building Bridges Campaign. (705) 324-4493  or email at

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"I didn’t realize how much the club impacts our lives. If it wasn’t available my children would miss out on many opportunities. I am grateful there is a place in our community that is able to offer these quality programs and services and make if affordable for an average family to participate." (T.Goulet, member parent)

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