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This holiday season give a gift that will have lasting impact.  At the Club, we remove barriers because... Opportunity Changes Everything!

Dear Friend,

It’s a phrase that won’t be new for you: No More Barriers. This national BGC campaign reflects a value we have held dear at our Club since inception in 1970: we don’t want any family or any child or youth to face barriers in their need to access our programs and services. It’s the reason why you’ve been so generous in past years with our In From the Cold campaign and why we are reaching out to you once again. 

This campaign is all about creating the capacity to provide full or partial subsidy to those Club kids who need help.
As winter approaches we’re happy to say that all remaining programs at BGC Kawarthas are returning. Recently our children’s sports programs resumed to compliment other after school activities, our buses are on the road again, food and snacks are being served, our youth services have been restored and have even grown to meet increased demand for support. Children and youth are happy to be back with their peers and their leaders at the Club.   

COVID-19 has heavily impacted families in our community and studies show that primary caregivers, often women, have been hardest hit. Many have lost income with businesses shuttered during lockdowns and stay at home orders or they’ve had to stay at home to care for children during online learning. With these economic impacts we fully anticipate that the need for subsidies for our programs will be greater than ever.   

It reminds me of a story from one of our summer camps this summer. A boy sat on the sidelines, watching camp for several weeks, unable to join. Camp staff would check in with him each day and provide the registration information. Finally, camp staff were able to connect with his guardians to offer information about camp subsidies. That was all that was needed – soon after the child was registered and enjoying the full camp experience.

This is one more example of how the Gift of Opportunity can change a child’s life. Whether you’re able to offer a one-time gift or join our monthly donor program, you can be confident that your contributions will help children, youth and families who most need it in our community.

      Amy Terrill (Executive Director)     Geoff Grier (President, Board of Directors)

Your donation will ensure we can continue to meet the needs of children and families in our community.


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