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There Are No Barriers at the Boys & Girls Clubs

    Dear Friend, 

Imagine how good it must feel to give a child a safe place, comfort, or to make their day just a bit brighter…to see them light up when they see you and you call them by name.Imagine giving a child the confidence to participate in a sport for the first time – without feeling intimidated – because it’s coached in a way that makes all kids feel empowered.Or to see a youth open up about the anxiety they’re feeling and to help them navigate the complexities of today’s society. It seems so much more challenging than when we grew up.Our staff get the privilege of doing these things each and every day. But the truth is, we can’t do this without your help. It’s only with your support that no child experiences barriers. That every child is able to come In From the Cold

"Jim and Bev, grandparents of club kids, William and Elizabeth, said recently that they are grateful, “knowing their grandchildren are thoroughly enjoying themselves, are safe and cared for and come home filled with food.We breathe a sigh of relief every day when the kids run into the building to give staff a big hug.”

No child should ever be left out in the cold because of barriers beyond their control.

      At the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes, we strive to keep our programs and services affordable for all families, but sometimes families need a little extra help. It can happen to anyone. Please help us ensure no family is left out. Please contribute to IN FROM THE COLD. Thank You!

      Our Clubs change children’s lives. We don’t do it alone. You make the difference. You are helping to improve the futures of the young people we serve – increasing their physical, social and emotional health and educational success. 

      Thank you!

      Amy Terrill (Executive Director)     Dianna Scates (President, Board of Directors)

Every child in the City of Kawartha Lakes can access our programs and right now over 8,000 do! You make the difference! 


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