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BGC Canada have a positive life changing impact on children, youth and families. The Models for Success outcomes measurement model enables Clubs to increase the quality and value of programs for children, youth and families and have the evidence to demonstrate this impact. BGC Kawarthas has made positive life-changing impact on children, youth and families through supportive programs, community initiatives, and financial assistance.

"Our programs keep children safe when parents are at work; keep youth off the street and teach them leadership skills; provide youth counselling and support to families; keep young people active and physically fit; and give them access to caring adults that can model positive values and guide them toward good decisions. These programs are even more critical for families facing financial challenges." Amy Terrill, Executive Director BGCKL

2020 – 2021 HIGHLIGHTS

Health & Safety

During COVID-19 Pandemic, the Club successfully delivered high quality programming while keeping participants, staffs safe.

BGC Kawarthas had 1) supplied 17,500 masks, 79,000 gloves, and 300 bottles of hand sanitizer, and 2) spent $8000 on purchasing health & safety supplies

Service Innovation

BGC Kawarthas was the only club offering safe and innovative in-person and virtual programs for families in the Kawartha areas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BGC Kawarthas provide 16 participants with brand new tech set (Chromebook, Laptop Case, Wireless Mouse, Headphones, Memory Stick), allowing them to connect despite restrictions.

Food & Nutrition

BGC Kawarthas served 21,320 nutritious meals and provided 45,320 healthy snacks to help alleviate food insecurity in the community.

BGC Kawarthas distributed 700 pounds of fresh ground beef and 85 food vouchers for families in need

Support Services for Vulnerable Population

Programs for vulnerable population, including Early intervention, Mental Health, infant and child development, were delivered WITHOUT pause THROUGHOUT pandemic.

For more details, please check out our Annual Report


The Club uses evaluation tools to collect information such as surveys, focus groups. Evaluations offer feedback from the lens of children, youth, families, partners etc. and assist with the development of improvement strategies. 

The Club strives to incorporate the Model For Success into training and the evaluation process to promote impacts and outcomes achieved.

Model For Success

This model is developed by BGC Canada as a guide for Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada to follow and assure high-quality programs. The model has Short, Mid, and Adult outcomes. it highlights the common features and core programming areas offered by Clubs, and the positive outcomes for children and youth that are achieved through them. Elements are grounded by the latest research in child & youth development, and Club Core Values.
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