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My kids are involved with the before and after school programming at the Boys and Girls Club in Lindsay. The Boys and Girls Club provides my children with new experiences, the chance to meet other children, be a team player and have great mentors and role models who also supply excellent child base programming and leadership that spike interests in any child.
 It is also important to see the community involvement with the Boys and Girls Club to help expand your child’s learning. The monthly changes in the activity keep your children’s interest and allow them to try new activities. Rock climbing, skateboarding and dance are some of the new things the leaders have encouraged. I can see the positive changes in my children’s confidence and self-esteem. I also like the fact that many families in the community may not have the opportunity or cannot afford to join certain programs and will have the change through the Boys and Girls Club.
  I would like to thank the Boys and Girls Club for providing my children with excellent care and providing a healthy morning and after-school snack to start and finish their day. You know your children really enjoy themselves when you walk in the doors of the Club and your children are like “Mom! You’re here too early!” L. Wilson 

"Finding affordable, early, before school care is a hard task. Thanks to the Boys and Girls Club of Kawartha Lakes, I feel my daughter is in great hands! She was coming from a childcare centre, so the setup of the program was very familiar to her. They get the opportunity to do a variety of activities with enthusiastic leads before many kids even start their days. My daughter is very shy however, so there were a few tearful mornings initially. Then, the before school supervisor, Brandon, stepped up to the plate and was able to create a special bond with my daughter. Brandon has been a lifesaver to us and I can’t thank him enough for the time he has spent in creating a safe feeling for my daughter at drop off. No more tears makes for a happy mom in the morning! We love the before school program! Thanks to everyone that helps to keep it running so smoothly" T. Smith 

"Love it, very good for kids, keeps them active, socialize, especially when they are raised by grandparents. We are big fans of Boys and Girls Club." I. Fodorova 

"Excellent! The after school program provides a safe, fun and educational experience. They provide health snacks, wonderful activities and homework assistance. After being at school all day, my son looks forward to this program. He hates to leave when it’s time to go and everyday reminds me not to come “too early”. The leaders are exceptional. They are patient and have taken the time to get to know my son. Every day they take the time to speak with me and let me know how his day went and how he did in general. I couldn’t ask for a better program or better people to care for my son. Please don’t change anything!" B. Stephens

"We are so happy to be part of the after school program at Dunsford District Elementary School. Both of our children love this program and never want to leave at the end of the session. The variety of activities that are planned for the children take into account their interests. The caregivers really provide tailored care to our children and always address their needs. We’re very lucky to have such wonderful care! THANKS" - K. Newman

"I like the BGC because it has a wide variety of activities to peak any child’s interest. I also find the morning breakfast important because sometimes it is hard to get your child to eat early in the morning. Having it available gives parents some ease that they can bring them to the Club to have breakfast. Each child has the opportunity to star their day with a healthy meal." - L. Willson

“The Before School program is a great help. Not only are there great leaders that smile at my every morning when they walk in. They great them with a smile and a good morning. They try to start every child off in a happy manner. They give them a nutritious breakfast and then get them to school. Without the Before School program I would not be able to get to work when I do and then spend more my evening time with my children. It’s a wonderful program and I am happy my children have a place like this to go." - A. Quinn

“The Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes is a wonderful program for my kids to go after school. They both enjoy their snacks, drinks and playing with their friends. It is great from a social aspect. It is a well thought out programs with lots to do and enjoyment. The supervisor and the staff are fantastic with the kids. Thank you!"
- A. Rogers

Mental Health Support letter of impact from school Principle

"My 14 year-old-son and I were having a few problems that turned into more than I would have ever expected. I also have two older daughters and never went through this before, so we went to Children's Aid Society for help. My son thought foster care would be better than our house but when the CAS worker came to our house, he said he would not take my son out of a perfectly good home, that's not what they are for.  So he suggested that we seek help from the Boys and Girls Clubs.
He was so right. We met with a wonderful girl Michelle, who took us under her helpful wing and taught both my son and myself a lot about how we treated each other and in our tone of voice. We would light each other's wick so the word "bear," which means one of us was talking way too loud and it sure made me stop and think, my son also. Michelle was such a great help to us. We started looking forward to coming each week to see what we could change in our lives to always make life better. So after we were finished the program with Michelle, we always used what she taught us.
As a mother, I couldn't thank Michelle enough for what she did to help us. We have been out of Michelle's program for seven months and my son's and my life has changed so much we still use a lot of what we learned at the Boys and Girls Clubs program with Michelle. As a mother who loves her children so much, I would want any other parents that are having problems with their children to seek out this program at the Boys and Girls Clubs.
Thank you so very much to Michelle and the club."
- Letter to the editor in Lindsay Post - Boys and Girls Clubs get mom's appreciation 

"I enjoy the program because I like to stay active I get to play a fun, family, friendly game of soccer. Makayla, Kate, Marla are awesome.” Jumpstart ‘Get in the Game’ Indoor Soccer Program Participant

“It’s a great program that keeps the kid active and they have fun with their friends at the same time after school. The leaders are great with all the kids.” Jumpstart ‘Get in the Game’ Indoor soccer program C. Jones

“As a parent I appreciate having affordable and accessible athletic programs in my community. My son learns valuable lessons in teamwork. The leaders have extraordinary patience and visibly enjoy working with the kids. My son likes learning the “different kind of kick moves” because sometimes he likes to “kick things”. Jumpstart ‘Get in the Game’ Indoor soccer program S. Bakker

“Thankful for the location, and how good the instructors are with the kids.” Jumpstart ‘Get in the Game’ Indoor Soccer Program Parent

“I like the soccer program. It’s fun. I’m very active in it because it’s a great program and I enjoy soccer. Marla is great with everyone and the other leader are good to.” Jumpstart ‘Get in the Game’ Indoor Soccer Program Participant

“The after school care program is both well supervised and well organized. The children have fun, healthy snacks as well as a variety of activities that are both physical and craft-oriented. My daughter thoroughly enjoys this program and is quite often disappointed when I arrive at 4:30 because she is having so much fun she wishes she could stay longer. I believe that this is a true testament to the staff working in this program with these children. I believe we are fortunate to have this program available in our community and trust that it will be for years to come. It is great that this program is offered at the school. I also appreciate the affordability of this program and am grateful that it exists. Keep up the good work.” Kirkfield After School program A. Freymond

“Great!Excitement!Lots of running around. You are tiring my grandchildren out. Lots of great leaders and lots of children having lots of fun! Learning about soccer! Skills like how to use the ball, playing and getting along with other children. Great! Great!" Jumpstart ‘Get in the Game’ Indoor soccer program Grandparent

“Well organized. Kids had lots of fun. Good workout. Different activities to keep them interested…good job! Daisy and other leaders are awesome (she’s really good @ her job, keeps kids listening. Overall Great Experience” Jumpstart ‘Get in the Game’ Indoor soccer program C. Davidson-Welton

“My daughter really enjoyed coming to play and learn soccer. The leaders made it a lot of fun for them. He asked every night if it was soccer night – couldn’t wait to come back." Jumpstart ‘Get in the Game’ Indoor soccer programD. Marchand

“I am very thankful for the excellent care and programming at the Boys and Girls Club. I depend on the club for After school care, in a safe nurturing environment. The club encourages my kids to try new things, be active and help others. The Summer Camps are wonderful filled with age appropriate active fun! Kim, Aaron and Brandon have always been eager to address any child specific concerns and have made me feel that they care for each child as an individual. Gen has been a huge help in dealing with the complex emotions of my daughter as she struggles through puberty and all the stresses of everyday life kids today deal with. Thanks to Everyone!” Lindsay After school, Take it Easy and Summer Camp L. Vivian

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